What We Do

The Wee Little Arts program is broken into four sessions that build upon each other to develop a full range of training in the visual arts. Students are exposed to a variety of safe, high quality materials, which are utilized in the process of creation to foster their imagination and encourage them to utilize their critical thinking skills. Using art history and age-appropriate children’s literature, students are also exposed to a wide range of visual art concepts. Introduction to descriptive vocabulary, training in the use of various artistic media and exercises to develop imaginative and creative ability are only some of the wonderful things the children experience.

Classes are held once a week for 40-45 minutes. It is greatly encouraged, but not mandatory, for a child to sign up for the first session initially to build basic skills and knowledge that are drawn upon in later sessions. Classes begin at the brilliant age of three!

School Year

SESSION 1: Elements of Art

During this first session, students are exposed to the building blocks of art education. Art history and children’s literature will play a major role in introducing the simple, yet necessary, elements of line, shape, color and texture. These concepts are further developed in later sessions but your child’s creation of masterpieces has already begun!

SESSION 2: Drawing

Students are encouraged to focus on observation of their environment as they begin utilizing drawing to create works of art. Fundamental elements of design are introduced and students apply these elements to their work. A variety of media will be introduced to inspire experimentation. Examining both traditional masterpieces as well as the work of contemporary artists, students will continually be exposed to other artists’ work.

SESSION 3: Painting

Students are introduced to a range of techniques, both representational and abstract, and a variety of materials while creating work based on their imagination and environment. The creation of mixed-media pieces will also be explored, ensuring some exceptional work!

SESSION 4: Three Dimensions

In this session students will use clay to transition from working in two dimensions to create three-dimensional projects. Physical manipulation of the clay introduces advanced spatial relationship and motor skills. Other materials may be used as students create their own sculptures to encourage greater understanding of height, width, depth and texture.

Summer Camps

These sessions consisting of exploratory camps in which students experience the artistic style of a far away land or historic period. Capturing the imagination and engaging the minds of children, our summer camps are a wonderful way to enrich seasonal breaks and holidays. During these fun and exploratory camps students will travel to different regions of the world and experience art in its many forms.